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    New Projects + Facebook

    Its been a busy few days. I started and completed a second backpack. My oldest daughter decided that she just had to have one in pink. Luckily, since I knew what I was doing this time, I had no issues completing the project at all. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Candy Print.

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    Success is Me

    It’s been a few days since I last wrote. I got busy deep into some projects that I have been working on. Turns out that the third time really is the charm. After one side-restart that failed, I completely unraveled the project and started fresh. I was able to easily finish the bag this time. Looks like rather than having sides miscounted, it was the bottom rows that I had wrong. So yay for me!

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    Happy Fourth of July!!

    Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you all had a great day and enjoyed some great family time and/or patriotic festivities. My family and I joined one of our “adopted” families for Fourth of July this year. I am stuffed, and that is from the leftovers that we brought home. Due to the rain, we missed the big fireworks show, but we’ll survive I suppose. Probably go another weekend and get the kiddo’s some fireworks we can shoot off. If nothing else, we’ll get some sparklers as they don’t make near as much noise. I was a bit shocked not to see more of our neighbors shooting fireworks off during…

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    An Oops on a Bag

    Last night was rough. I had been working several hours since Thursday afternoon working on a new backpack for my two year old, Nat. She is such a little spit fire, I chose to use a yarn in the colors or red, fuchsia, yellow, and orange. I was getting near to being down with the bag and starting on the straps when I noticed that my stitches were off by 1 each row. This, of course, leaving me with a bag that was not round, but straight up on one side while angling on the other. I was very upset at this fact. I spent over an hour unraveling the…