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Working on Mom Command Center

Life is chaotic and unorganized in our household. Some days, I just give up and don’t want to deal with it anymore. It can be a huge headache when no one but me is doing anything to help out around the house. To this end, I went on a desperate hunt to find a way to organize this chaos and get my whole family to pitch in. This led me to the Mom Command Center.

On Pinterest, you can find lots of great examples of Mom Command Centers. There are tons of really great ideas out there and I took my ideas from quite a few different resources. I am not simply content to copy their ideas, however, so I am striving to make my command center personal to our family in a way that will work.

Aspects of My Mom Command Center

Mom Command Center
Start of Mom Command Center

I have a problem remembering a lot of things. Sometimes, days seem to just run together. These are aspects of living with chronic depression and anxiety (which the chaos of course makes worse). Having everything in its designated place is so helpful to me as I don’t have to struggle to remember where something is left. As long as my family can remember to put things back where they go!

Over the next few weeks, I am giving you an in-depth look of my center. My center is composed of:

  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Chore Board to match the cleaning schedule
  • My Bullet Journal
  • Household Binders

I personalize my set-up with printables that I create and make available in my Etsy Store. I have a set theme using fonts and colors so everything I create will match for a harmonious household. So keep an eye out for what is to come. It’s going to get straightened out around here!

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