Declutter the house

Declutter the House: Organizing Everything in 365 Days

It is time to declutter. Our house is tiny. Since it is a rental, there is little I can do to add permanent storage where I have need of it. In the four years we’ve been living in this house, our little family of four has garnered quite a bit of stuff that has the clutter driving my dear husband quite out of his mind. My kids’ toys filter into the hallway to the point that they don’t really wish to clean their rooms. Needless to say, a disaster zone sign could be placed on my front door to warn guests not to enter.

Declutter the house
A quick look at our kitchen before the start of the Declutter 365 program. Quite a bit cluttered with little cabinet room and several appliances.

I have read and researched a variety of methods on getting a house organized. Some of them were methods in organizing and decluttering in 7 days or 30 days. Since I am not one that has the time to spend all day, everyday cleaning, I needed a method that fit in to my schedule. I also needed something that addressed the tiny matters that often go missed in a lot of the systems I had read. Then I discovered Declutter 365 from

Introducing Declutter 365

Declutter 365 is a program designed for people to complete over the course of a year in only 15 minutes per day. They provide the exact tasks needed to be carried out in a monthly calendar format. While most of the tasks actually require people to do physical tasks, there are a few days that are simply reading that week’s plan. It tackles even the smaller areas, such as the junk drawer in the kitchen that tends to fill up with random things that are very rarely used, if ever used.

Each week till the end of the year, I will be reporting in on my house’s progress. I’m hoping that this program will give my house the needed spirit to be kept updated and not have my husband or me from losing our minds.

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