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It’s Been a While – An Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. We moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma back in February and my projects got lost in the shuffle. I am working to get back on track and with the many projects I’ve got working on right now, blogging about it all fell to the wayside. But I’m back now and I’ll be posting up more about my projects to come.

Currently, I am working to finish up Christmas presents in time for Christmas. I have two fairy cloaks that I am working on for my two girls. I completed a dragon cross stitch for my husband. I also made some fairy wands for my girls back at Halloween. I have two potato chip scarfs that I am working on as my first ever knitting projects. I also have a binder tote I am working on. If time permits, I will also be making some clothes for my daughters’ Madame Alexander dolls for Christmas. Its going to be a busy December and we’re already a week into it.

I am most definitely loving being back in Oklahoma City. There is so much more to do here than there was in the small Mississippi town we hail from. Plus, my mom lives here so me and my girls are definitely enjoying spending time with her. My girls have also discovered a love for Target and are always asking to go. My eldest daughter also joined the Girl Scouts and we’ve been enjoying that new adventure as well.

I have also found that I am in love with the site Pinterest. With so many neat craft ideas and patterns to be found online, I can now pin those to Pinterest to find them most easily. I even started a Pinterest board for my Raveling Dixie Projects and it will be listed on the site here soon.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and hopefully I can get another post up detailing some of my projects with current pictures. Can’t wait to begin sharing with you guys some of what I have been working on.

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