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An Oops on a Bag

Last night was rough. I had been working several hours since Thursday afternoon working on a new backpack for my two year old, Nat. She is such a little spit fire, I chose to use a yarn in the colors or red, fuchsia, yellow, and orange. I was getting near to being down with the bag and starting on the straps when I noticed that my stitches were off by 1 each row. This, of course, leaving me with a bag that was not round, but straight up on one side while angling on the other. I was very upset at this fact. I spent over an hour unraveling the bag to the point where I knew I had the stitches right.

Today I have spend working on reconstructing the sides of the bag. I have a pattern I am following from Lion Brand Yarns. I am having to alter the pattern a bit due to the fact that the yarn it calls to use is much thicker than what I had on hand. This also means its taking much longer to stitch together, but I think the end result will be well worth it once I am finished. I can’t wait to see little Nat’s face once I have it finished. Well, back to work I go!

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