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    Working on Mom Command Center

    Life is chaotic and unorganized in our household. Some days, I just give up and don’t want to deal with it anymore. It can be a huge headache when no one but me is doing anything to help out around the house. To this end, I went on a desperate hunt to find a way to organize this chaos and get my whole family to pitch in. This led me to the Mom Command Center.

  • Declutter the house

    Declutter the House: Organizing Everything in 365 Days

    It is time to declutter. Our house is tiny. Since it is a rental, there is little I can do to add permanent storage where I have need of it. In the four years we’ve been living in this house, our little family of four has garnered quite a bit of stuff that has the clutter driving my dear husband quite out of his mind. My kids’ toys filter into the hallway to the point that they don’t really wish to clean their rooms. Needless to say, a disaster zone sign could be placed on my front door to warn guests not to enter.

  • Site Updates

    Trying to Get All My Ducks in a Row

    Sometimes, things happen that can not be controlled. Since Christmas, life has been very busy. I’ve either been sick and then trying to recover from being sick leaving little time to get everything done that I want to do aside from taking care of my family, my house, and myself. Hopefully we’ve seen the last bout of sickness for a while and I can get everything back on track. Cross your fingers for me that health will continue to improve so I can bring more crafts. Here’s to a better rest of the year!

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    It’s Been a While – An Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. We moved from Mississippi to Oklahoma back in February and my projects got lost in the shuffle. I am working to get back on track and with the many projects I’ve got working on right now, blogging about it all fell to the wayside. But I’m back now and I’ll be posting up more about my projects to come.

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    New Projects + Facebook

    Its been a busy few days. I started and completed a second backpack. My oldest daughter decided that she just had to have one in pink. Luckily, since I knew what I was doing this time, I had no issues completing the project at all. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Candy Print.

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    Success is Me

    It’s been a few days since I last wrote. I got busy deep into some projects that I have been working on. Turns out that the third time really is the charm. After one side-restart that failed, I completely unraveled the project and started fresh. I was able to easily finish the bag this time. Looks like rather than having sides miscounted, it was the bottom rows that I had wrong. So yay for me!

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    Happy Fourth of July!!

    Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you all had a great day and enjoyed some great family time and/or patriotic festivities. My family and I joined one of our “adopted” families for Fourth of July this year. I am stuffed, and that is from the leftovers that we brought home. Due to the rain, we missed the big fireworks show, but we’ll survive I suppose. Probably go another weekend and get the kiddo’s some fireworks we can shoot off. If nothing else, we’ll get some sparklers as they don’t make near as much noise. I was a bit shocked not to see more of our neighbors shooting fireworks off during…

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    An Oops on a Bag

    Last night was rough. I had been working several hours since Thursday afternoon working on a new backpack for my two year old, Nat. She is such a little spit fire, I chose to use a yarn in the colors or red, fuchsia, yellow, and orange. I was getting near to being down with the bag and starting on the straps when I noticed that my stitches were off by 1 each row. This, of course, leaving me with a bag that was not round, but straight up on one side while angling on the other. I was very upset at this fact. I spent over an hour unraveling the…